Success Stories

Life has moved on and thanks to you, it has gotten better, more focused and hopeful. Thank you!! Concentrating on useful thoughts and specific smaller goals really helps.

I used the Charlize technique twice and it worked! Plus I have lost 5kg!!!

Exams are taking place the following two weeks and I am sure that they will go well. Now it is time to trust that the information is in the head.

All these positive changes have happened thanks to your words and the tools that you have shown me! The word “useful” is my best friend now!!! 🙂

I am just trying to take it goal by goal now which helps me not to get overwhelmed. Thanks for this!

Anna, thank you for all the support and encouragement that you have given me throughout the program! You have helped me to get to know myself better and most of all – let go of the need for perfection.

The life goals are now exciting instead of scary and the expression “Be Good to Yourself” has a whole new meaning now:) Thank you so much for all the helpful tools that you have provided me with, they really work. You are an amazing coach!

Michaela, Student, Dublin

Working with Anna has made realize that getting results for clients depends on much more than just a diet and a training plan. I have developed the ability to get inside my clients’ minds and not only help them understand their own behavior, but put strategies in place to help stop them sabotaging themselves. I now have some amazing, cool and fun tools to help the women I work with boost their confidence,
self-belief and focus.

The more you are able to influence your clients’ behavior and ability to make the right choices when they are not with you, the more you are likely to achieve results with them. Anna teaches you how to do this, and having this skill set definitely sets you apart from the hundreds of other trainers in the marketplace who are just prescribing a meal plan and a exercise session.

Under her mentor ship, I have also personally gained more confidence in my own ability as a businesswoman and a coach. I now recognize certain behavior patterns in myself that were holding me back and I know how to address them.

If you are thinking of investing in any kind of program with Anna, I would say 100 per cent do it! You cannot consider yourself serious as a coach who wants to change people’s lives if you don’t understand how the mind works. She will teach you this and lots more fascinating stuff besides. You definitely won’t regret investing in Anna. I can honestly say that what I have learned from her has transformed the way I work with people and has dramatically increased my client retention rate. When your clients realize that they’ve found a coach who really understands them, they will stay will with you forever!

Pam McVitie, Fitness Coach, UK

I was feeling quite low really and stuck in a rut, it was like I couldn’t break the cycle and move on with my life. I sometimes thought I was the only one feeling this way. I was letting life control me instead of controlling my life.

During my program I learned to monitor my thought process and realized some of my thoughts were nonsense and were not helping me at all. My inner voice was my worse critic so I did something about that using the techniques provided. I learned that at the end of the day we are all the same and it’s how we deal with situations that makes us different. I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and appreciate what I have at this moment.

Now I feel a lot more content and focused and I’m not afraid to have some alone time and to use it to benefit me. The mantra certainly helps to clear my mind and regain focus. I appreciate myself more.

I would recommend this program to any woman who feels they need some direction in their life. Anna is like a friend who you can relate your experiences to and take great counsel from. The techniques given, the inspiring stories told, all contribute to positive direction and a whole new look on life and its possibilities.

Catherine Reid, Dublin

Before I started my program I had low days and quite often felt lacking in confidence at work. Sometimes I would feel overwhelmed at work. I also felt like I could never get the figure that I wanted. I didn’t feel much in control of my own life.

Anna helped me to see myself differently and to banish the negative assumptions I had been making about myself. She’s changed my mindset, and as I result, I feel capable, confident and aware of my own strengths and abilities. I’m also working towards getting the figure that I want, in a way that suits me. I drink more water, eat better and don’t beat myself up when I do indulge.

Now I feel better and look better. There are still all the ups and downs, but I’m in a much better place to deal with whatever is thrown at me positively. Even colleagues have commented on how calmly I can deal with a huge workload. With Anna’s tips I’m also sleeping better at night and my skin looks much better from all the water. I recommend Woman To Goddess to anyone who feels stuck in a rut, or lacks confidence or motivation. Anna has really helped me get so much closer to being the type of woman I want to be.

Laura Mulkeen, Northern Ireland

Hi Anna, I just wanted to thank you for your help last year. I have taken this last year and listened to what you said to me, and I am more confident and the happiest I have ever been!

I realized once I had finished my program with you that there was only one thing left that I needed to do to make me happy, and that was to break up with my boyfriend of 4 years. It was incredibly difficult, but he was the main factor behind my loss in confidence. A year on, I am nearly finished my masters – which I am doing incredibly well in, and I have plans to move to Australia on my own in the New Year!

Without you I don’t know where I would be now, so from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

I wish you and your clients the strength, success and happiness that meeting you has brought me. Best wishes,

C, Dublin

My experience with Anna was very positive. She’s is a very capable coach and also fun! During the time we worked together I never stopped having fun thanks to her examples, and I felt very supported during my program in between sessions too.

The tools I learned with Anna are easy to implement in my everyday life, and they’re tools for life. Many aspects of my life that needed a kick start were improved. I feel much happier in my everyday life, my focus and productivity have improved too, and I stopped feeling taken over by negative thoughts that had been blocking me.

I definitely recommend anyone who needs a boost in their life to do a program with Anna.

Veronica, Madrid, Spain

I found the skype coaching session great, it was a wonderful reality check that made me feel lighter and allowed me to breath deeply again.

I’ve done a good few things since we spoke. I had a lovely hour with my husband after our session before our children came home. We talked, I passed on your advice to him and he agreed that he needed help. We found someone yesterday and he has an appointment next week. I deleted his mail boxes from my phone and told him of my 4 day plan. Last night I went shopping after work, I came home to chaos but it will be better next time. I contacted 2 of my old friends, who were thankfully pleased to hear from me and we have arranged meetings. I have also joined a yoga class on Monday evenings which starts next week.

Baby steps at the moment but I can’t believe how much freer I feel. It’s like you have given me permission to let go and live again. I am very grateful Anna, and I will keep in touch.

Mandy Berkeley, Dublin

I came across Anna’s coaching course in a magazine and I thought it looked interesting. At the time I was feeling stuck in a rut, I felt my life was at a standstill while all my friends had moved on with their lives. I contacted Anna and we worked together over 6 weeks. Anna is a great coach, she’s really down to earth and easy to open up to. She’s given me the tools and strategies to move my life forward in the direction I want to go, and opened my eyes up to things I was doing myself to prevent that from happening. I now feel more confident that I can achieve whatever my goals are in life and I would highly recommend Anna’s coaching to anyone who is feeling the way I did.

J F, Dublin

Just to say a HUGE thanks for the coaching Anna over the last few weeks. It’s helped me to develop a mindset to overcome setbacks and frustrations at this time. You’ve also given me tools to keep me focused on my goals when the stress seems insurmountable 🙂

Marian Hearne, Dublin

I worked with Anna over a number of weeks. I found her to be very professional and direct, yet supportive. As a business professional in my mid-30’s, this style worked well for me. With Anna there are no excuses and no places to hide. While I initially showed up with what I thought was making me unhappy, over the course of a few weeks, I quickly discovered my truth. The goal I thought would make me happy – meeting a man – was not in fact my primary issue – improving my work and home environment to help me feel more happy was. Anna gradually coached me towards this realization and although I had read about this cliche in many self-help books, it proved a really good learning experience to gradually discover this in my own life. With my new focus, I set some new goals. I have made good progress on these and feel like I am creating a more positive and welcoming environment to invite and create all sorts of new ‘love’ experiences in my life – with my family, colleagues, new friends, and who knows… 😉 Thanks Anna for the discovery and the new plan”!

Sandra C., Dublin

Hi Anna, I just wanted to Thank You, I felt wonderful on my wedding day, I reached beyond my target weight, the dress was even a little big on me and loads of people commented on how toned I looked. I have attached a photo for you 🙂 I find your Facebook great as I want to keep up this new lifestyle as I feel so much better on it. Your motivation has changed me and made me so much more aware, THANK YOU

Lisa Granter, UK

Before I went to see Anna I was suffering from pre-30’s blues. Looking at a big birthday coming up and not being too happy with my circumstances. Anna helped me realize that confidence is something that you “do”, it’s not something you either are or aren’t, it is something you work on and commit to. Since seeing her, I have realized that only I can be responsible for my happiness and only I can achieve it on my own. It’s a dangerous thing to rely on a job, how you look, or someone else to make you feel happy, you have to work on it yourself! It’s not easy, and it’s a daily task, but it’s very rewarding and inspiring to see yourself as the sole controller of your life. I would highly recommend a session with Anna to help you out of a funk, and get back on track.

Phoebe Toal, Dublin

I found Anna’s “Woman To Goddess Coaching Program” excellent! I have gained a new perspective on life, work and relationships, as well as the skills to deal with challenges in these areas and be a happier, more motivated and rounded person. I enjoyed each coaching session, and learned loads. I found Anna to be kind, friendly, non judgmental, supportive, professional and wise – I would highly recommend coaching with her!

Aishling, Dublin

Thanks for the coaching, I feel more prepared than ever now to deal with client problems. The big thing is that now I have a valuable skill to help clients get better results. It’s also helped me to differentiate myself from the big standard fitness trainer.

Anthony, UK

Thanks so much for your help in our sessions. I learned some great techniques which I use daily… I realized it’s ok to be me – if someone else has a problem, it belongs to them… all I have to do is continue being me, with a good heart and good intentions! I always feel less serious and lighter after speaking with you and I would definitely recommend you to everyone.

Marion, Northern Ireland

I found your program really beneficial. I felt you took a genuine interest in my life and in how you could help me improve it. I would definitely recommend you to other girls my age as I think a lot of young girls like me feel very self conscious and worry a lot about what others think of them. Talking with you made me feel much more relaxed about these things and as you taught me, I always think “so what!”. It was nice to spend some time exploring things about myself that if it weren’t for our sessions I would not have really thought about. I think I will use the stuff you taught me in many aspects of life. Thanks Anna

Niamh O’Donnell,20, Dublin

I had been struggling for a number of years with food cravings and over eating. I felt terrible physically and emotionally, confused and guilty for sabotaging the benefits of my healthy eating. Anna simplified things for me and made me realize how complicated I had made things for myself. Within one week of my first coaching session with her my cravings for junk food had stopped. Being in control of my eating habits has made me feel in control in so many other areas of my life. I feel so much more confident and motivated. My only regret is not going to see Anna sooner. Anna has stayed in touch with me. She genuinely cares about her clients. Thanks again Anna

Rosie, Dublin

I would highly recommend Anna’s Woman On Top coaching program for any woman who feels a little lost in life, unsure of themselves and the direction they are going. She has completely changed the way I deal with my thoughts.

Anna, you have given me the strength, confidence and motivation to believe in myself and to really go for what I want in life – without your help and advice I would be doomed for a mediocre life without passion, which would leave me devastatingly unhappy. As a result of taking part in this program I will follow my dreams, set goals and motivate myself to follow them through. I will reach for the stars and continue to grow, thanks Anna for showing me how to do this!

Clea Mahon, Dublin

I went to see Anna before taking part in a pretty grueling 10k challenge, something I’d never done before. I was very anxious and nervous about it and wondering why on earth I’d signed up for it; confidence was not too high to say the least! The thing is, I knew I had done sufficient training but had a mental block about my performance on the day.

Anna made me feel at ease straight away and made me look at my upcoming challenge in a way I never had until then; she made me focus on my strengths and gave me amazingly effective yet such simple techniques to send my confidence soaring. Not only did she give me techniques to get in the right frame of mind before the event but also enabled me to “flick a switch” to keep on going when there were times that I wanted to give up.

Thanks to her, I not only completed the race in a respectable time but enjoyed it so much that I’m signing up for the next event which I’m sure they’ll be making even tougher but at least now I know I have the right skills and techniques to take it on head on! I would highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for more motivation, more confidence or anyone that wants to take on the world… believe me she’ll leave you feeling like you can!

Stephanie Kilrane, Dublin

Hi Anna, just to say a MASSIVE thank you for the coaching session on Saturday, it really helped me get through the mud fest that was Hell&Back on Sunday! It was physically draining from the mud and the rain so I really needed to draw on the techniques you taught me when my legs started to fail, I needed to really dig deep and push on and complete the challenge! I know if I hadn’t used the techniques it would have taken me so much longer and it would have been a lot tougher to complete the course!

I’m really looking forward to working with you this year to help me in completing the Polar Circle Marathon, I will definitely need your expertise to get me through 26.2 miles in the snow.

Cannot highly recommend Anna enough to get you through whatever sporting challenges you set yourself!

Ruth Whelan, Dublin

I had been struggling for a number of years to lose weight I gained during my 2nd pregnancy. I had tried lots of approaches but nothing seemed to work for me. I firmly believe that every problem has a solution, but sometimes you have to go and search for the solutions, which I did – and I found Anna! Words do not do her justice. Anna has changed my thought process about food, weight and diet. After just a few weeks working with Anna, I realised I was 9lb lighter, and the best bit is that I never felt hungry, and even better I enjoyed it. Within one week my energy levels had improved hugely and this has continued since I met her. Anna is an expert in her field, she is so positive and motivated herself that you can’t help but get caught up in it.

Anna’s advice about eating and food was superb. I found that by making a few changes in my diet and lifestyle I felt satisfied and all my sugar cravings went. She really understands about food and exercise. I would highly recommend Anna to anybody who is thinking of making changes to themselves or their lifestyle.

Anne Collins, Kildare

Hi Anna, I can’t believe that four coaching sessions could pass so quickly!

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed them and what a positive impact they have had for me. I think that your approach is extremely perceptive, helpful and in-tune with your clients, which is really valuable.

For my own part, I found the opportunity to take time out and consider how I want to determine my life, in the company of a coach who is focussed, pragmatic and open, very empowering. When I came to see you first I had an issue that I wanted to address, something that I was hesitant about, despite being very competent and confident in other aspects of my life. In a very gentle way you helped me to break that issue down into understanding that some of my beliefs were actually preventing me from going for what I want. Your approach provided me with very tangible steps and techniques to focus on doing rather than thinking. I am already enjoying the benefits on a daily basis.

I am really thankful for your input – you really have a gift!

When, the “when” happens I will let you know, and perhaps I may come back to see you sometime in 2012, just to check and re-energise on my progress.

I am really happy for you to use any of the above as a testimonial – you’ve really helped me to open my mind and for that I really am very grateful.

To your continuing success. Kind regards,

Elizabeth Noonan, Dublin

Anna, thank you so much for all the help you gave me. Your techniques are very easy to use yet are extremely powerful.

I learned a lot from you. For the short period of time I got results that I couldn’t get for years! I’ve got my perfect weight! I am a completely new person now; I am more motivated, more energized and more organized, and I am going to continue it! I would highly recommend you to people who want to efficiently improve their life and get great results!

Irina Heath, Dublin

I cannot recommend Anna Aparicio enough. In just 60 minutes flat she has completely organized my entire business plan for 2011 and given me a shed load more free time!

Nisha Obaidullah, UK

Since I worked with Anna I was able to overcome the biggest problem I was facing which was gaining clarity around my business objectives. From working with her I have created a crystal clear plan, a targeted niche and a strategy to build a business. Within a couple of weeks of working with her I was getting more clients, making more valuable contacts and earning more money! I know a lot of coaches, and Anna is honestly one of the best I have ever worked with. Go call her now and book yourself in!

Cormac M, Meath

Seriously I think I should be a poster girl for you… I’ve been away on holidays, still sticking to my new lifestyle and am now down over 1 stone in 6 weeks but even more importantly, as you’d tell me, is that I have lost over 2 inches from my waist, another 2 from my hips and 1.5 from each arm, each thigh and each knee!! And I’ve been sail racing so much that I haven’t even done any of your miracle exercises… Starting those again this week now that I’m home again! Watch this space…
C. O’Kelly, Dublin

Just to let you know that today is the end of my “first week” of good diet and exercise (gentle due to back problems) and I can proudly tell you that I have lost 7.5lbs! I was eating well before but just couldn’t lose weight. Now I have done. As per your advice I’ve also taken all my measurements and will do so again in a couple of weeks time. Again, Anna, thanks so much for that evening seminar and all the advice…I really appreciate it!

Carol, Dublin

Just wanted to say thanks! You are really helping me!!! I was used to leading a quiet life where people weren’t noticing me and I was walking around like a “shadow” and now it feels like…..CABOOM….suddenly people want to see me!
Mark, Dublin

My new job is going great, thanks. I’ve used the techniques that you taught me to get through my “brain fog” and I’m delighted to say I’ve come through to the other side. Starting a new job is always a bit stressful but I have to say that our sessions have proved to be invaluable. I’ve had a few little wobbles along the way but then I took a moment and practiced some of the techniques as well as giving myself a good talking to! Every day is a bit of an adventure at the moment but it’s all good!

Ian Moore, Dublin

Deep down I knew I had the ability to get the life and career I dreamt about but a few niggling traits were holding be back; a loss of self belief, clarity, focus and above all a lack of vision of this so called life I wanted. Basically my mind was cluttered with half-hearted notions along with useless and somewhat negative thoughts. I felt I was spending my life sitting on my couch imagining all the things I should be doing instead of being pro-active and doing them. Eventually the days, months and dare I say even a year had passed and still I hadn’t come close to reaching my full potential. I knew I wanted to change, so I did some research online and found Anna!

She has given me the tools I need to make alterations in my life. As I said I knew I had the ability deep down to get the life I wanted…I just didn’t know how. She taught me how to form a clear vision of what I truly wanted and then break it down over a time-line. Prioritising is another key tool that I’ve learned and also some important interview techniques. I feel my mind has had a spring-clean, resulting in more clarity, focus and most importantly more positive thoughts. So far on my journey, I’ve accomplished many little tasks and I am now on-course to achieve the life I want.

From day one I felt at ease with Anna. By chatting and listening she worked out the right tools for me. Also we did have a few of laughs along the way!

I highly recommend Anna to anyone who feels powerless in any aspect of their lives, has poor decision making skills or lacks motivation to get want they want.
Rachel, Dublin

Before visiting Anna, I was having a lot of trouble controlling my food cravings and over-eating, a problem I’d had a for more years than I’d like to mention. I would get cravings, especially for sweets, that would turn into junk food binges that could last as long as a few days. Afterwards I’d feel terrible, both physically and emotionally, guilty for sabotaging the benefits of any healthy eating I had done prior. I wasn’t happy with my body and that brought down my confidence a lot. I needed to take some serious action to change.

I called Anna and arranged to meet as soon as I could. The consultation was great, very casual and I didn’t feel intimidated at all. Anna made it very clear that any changes would be made by me, she just showed me how to make the changes, in the way I think and the way I behave. Things started changing from that first meeting, and got better with each session after. At first, controlling the cravings was tough (but doable) but it got easier over time. I will admit, I slipped up a few times but I found it much easier to get back in control afterwards. Anna, stayed in touch with me, asking how I was doing and giving me advice on how to overcome any issues I may have had. It’s really easy talking with her.

Now, less than three months after my first session with Anna, I feel amazing. Being able to control the food I eat has made me feel in control in so many other areas of my life. I find I’m challenging myself to more things that I wouldn’t have considered before and I feel like I’m on a winning streak. I’m in great shape now and being confident with my body makes me feel confident doing everything else. I can control my cravings for junk foods but what’s more, I don’t feel guilty if I treat myself to them occasionally.

Making that phone call to Anna was a definite turning point for me and I feel I’m going to be reaping the benefits for many years to come!

Richie Kirwan, Dublin

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I would like to thank you Anna for all your help during the coaching sessions. You have provided me with techniques to use that are simple yet effective, which have empowered me to be more focused and progressive in reaching my goals. I would highly recommend you to anyone!

Danielle Cussen, Dublin


Anna, just wanted to say a huge thank you for today’s talk at the Makeover Camp! You are such an energetic and persuasive speaker, everyone was amazed at how powerful yet simple the techniques are and how quickly the results can be achieved. It was a pure pleasure to have you!

Natalie Svikle, Dublin


I went to Anna because I was feeling inadequate and had lost my self confidence; she helped me through these issues and empowered me to see myself in a new and confident way. I feel better every day. Thank You Anna!

David, Wexford


Thanks Anna for helping me to identify what was wrong in my behaviour .You really hit the nail on the head! I began to believe that my life can change for the better. And thanks to the techniques that you’ve shown me I don’t have to be so negative any more.

Marek O, Dublin


When I arrived to see Anna I was nervous and not too sure if she could help me. I needed help with my confidence and self-esteem. I’ve tried counselling, psychologists and psychotherapy and even though I gained from all of these I feel NLP is practical with exercises that make sense. It gives you the tools to help yourself. Thanks Anna!

Jenny W, South Dublin


Before my first coaching session with Anna I had a few challenges in different areas of my life. In relation to improving my social skills and interacting better with people simple tips from the first session made a difference straight away. I learned techniques to make others feel good by simply been interested in them and asking how they were. I saw positive results on my first social occasion after the coaching session simply by making the first step in my interaction with others. These tips were easy to follow and have been of great benefit. After the second session I learned how to feel instantly confident with the use of anchors. Visualizing yourself at your confident best and getting that confident feeling at anytime you want simply by use of anchors is easy to learn and follow. Anna has taught me to be more confident and charismatic and to be friendlier with others simply by been interested in them and making them feel better about themselves. Anna’s relaxed manner made the coaching experience very comfortable and easy to follow.

Ciaran, Dublin


Anna is an excellent NLP coach. I was having difficulty with business meetings and public speaking, and Anna helped me to overcome my anxiety and nerves by teaching me special techniques for relaxation and nerves by teaching me special techniques for relaxation and going outside my comfort zone. As a result, I am more confident and prepared within myself and see them as challenges and goals to overcome. I have no hesitation in recommending Anna.

Neil, Blackrock


I was very uncomfortable with the thought of needles, and the sight of blood etc… Anna had come highly recommended, and once I spoke to her on the phone I no longer felt silly about my concerns. After a couple of sessions, which were very easy going and sometimes funny, I now have control of my fears. I would be very happy to recommend Anna to anyone who would like to overcome any phobias or fears.

Owen Murray, Dublin


I was one of the biggest skeptics of any sort of life coaching! As I was the person that everyone came to for help or advice, I seemed to spend all my time helping and fixing other people’s problems that inevitable I lost myself along the way. My life had finally fallen apart. I had met Anna at fitness camp and always thought she was a very nice and strong person but also very approachable. When I finally hit rock bottom and people still were looking for something from me either to help or just to fix their lives, I finally said enough is enough, but I just didn’t know where to start. I know sounds funny coming from someone who others turn to for advice and help! I had seen Anna’s website and read some of the testimonials and so I booked a course of four sessions. I have to say I do not think words can do justice to how much Anna helped me. But not by telling me how or what I had done wrong, but by showing me how I had all I needed within. All I had to do was believe in myself and take care of number one. My confidence went through the roof, and this wasn’t just a look of confidence. It was actual confidence in who I was and what I could do, and that was anything if I really wanted it! Through Anna’s help I have now started taking care of myself ad my confidence has really improved. I have also tackled comfort eating and I now do not feel guilty for not doing everything for everyone. It is ok to take care of yourself and putting yourself first. I cannot stress enough how much Anna has helped me and how much I recommend anyone who who is thinking of doing any coaching or whatever you need help with, to just do it. It will be the best thing you can ever do for you and your life. You will be surprised how much you actually get out of it. And I feel all this after only four sessions!

Andrea Hynes, Dublin


I had a terrible weakness for ‘all things nice’. On my lunch breaks I would always buy something sweet- it might ‘only’ be wine gums I would say. At lunchtime also i might try Starbucks and with my coffee two ginger nut biscuits or maybe a Skinny Muffin. And back to the office.Great.

After work:just need to get something quick for dinner – oh yes and I’d run into health food shop and buy roasted and salted nuts. Making my way through those I would proceed to Marks and Spencer- carefully choosing dinner – some fish and veg etc. Accompanied with jellies, chocolate coated nuts and more- just to get me home.

The trend was always the same:- stop for petrol + sweets go for magazine/newspaper / dry cleaning and
always large bag of sweets: jellies and at least one other thing. Weekends involved same although more tea and packets of biscuits.

So you see how I lived and this was always in secret.

Then each evening I would be at spinning classes/swimming/erobics/walking/ salsa dance and clothes tight and nothing fitting and gaining weight. How could this be – I’m exercising 6 times a week and I eat so well- like I eat porridge, bring my own salad for lunch and healthy dinner. What about the extras? I needed help. I had just taken to Cadbury’s Raisin Clusters at this time.

So I phoned Anna – we had a brief chat and I fortunately got an appointment with Anna. I grazed on a packet of Cadbury’s Raisin clusters on the bus trip out and that was to be my last one!

I met Anna who was so welcoming and non-judgmental. She did not say anything about my problem.

We worked together and worked hard for the session. It was a journey and it showed me it was within my reach to overcome this. It was a very interesting and unique experience and it has remained with me.

Anna showed me some amazing techniques and they have really worked.

Changes: well lunch time is different now but now I know no other way, I can go for the newspaper etc, go to Marks and other shops and NOT buy sweets etc…

It’s incredible – I don’t even have dessert anymore. It has been liberating- I feel better and look much better and never crave – that’s heaven.

Go ring or email or text Anna today.

Elaine, Dublin

I ate at least 3 to 5 bars of chocolate per day and was constantly craving sugar, I didn’t like the idea of the cravings having control over me. I felt my concentration levels were affected by this as I constantly started one job and would jump to another. I never had any obvious side effects that were evident. My skin was clear, I didn’t put on weight, however I did get sugar highs and lows, so I put off trying to give it up for a very long time.

One of my friends told me about Anna and he was worse than me for eating chocolate. He recommended Anna to me, my thoughts were if it works for him I want to give this a go!

When ever I mentioned hypnosis to my friends they, like me, had visions of a big stop watch swinging from side to side in front of my face. It was not like this at all. To be honest I found the coaching session strange at first, it was just like having a conversation with Anna, and at the back of my mind I was thinking I have no idea how this is going to work.

We went through what I wanted to get from the session and why, and an hour and half later I left her house, a little bemused, a little curious.

Its been 4 weeks now and I have eaten some chocolate (approx 2 bars in 4 weeks!) and the cravings are almost gone, I do get cravings from time to time but when I follow the steps Anna gave me they ease off. I do find my concentration levels have improved, and I have replaced chocolate with fruit, nuts and drinking more water. I definitely feel healthier now .

I still intend to treat myself from time to time but when I chose rather than when a craving decides for me.

I can highly recommend Anna, whether you have tried lots of different ways of getting of cigarettes, food etc, or whether this is a first for you I would go to Anna as your first port of call!

Kate Ryan, Dublin

Before I started life coaching with Anna, I had taken some time out of education as I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do.I would spend my time watching television or at the computer. I was really shy around people, which affected my social skills and confidence. I was also feeling lonely, confused and sad.

Life coaching has helped me in the following ways:

  • I have started a course in Film Production in the New Media Technology College
  • I have started a karate class twice a week
  • I have made an effort to make friends by: going to a friend’s birthday party even though I hardly knew anybody, by trying to make conversation with someone even though I felt nervous, by going along to my karate club’s Christmas party and by going along on some college outings
  • I am starting to become less shy around people and feeling happier

I think Anna is a brilliant life coach with a great sense of humour who truly has her client’s best interest at heart.
Leanne Fletcher, Dublin

Through coaching Anna inspired me to really focus on my vision for my life. This has resulted in me really focusing on my dreams and turning them into reality. My life is now full of happiness, health, achievement and fulfillment.

I strongly recommend Anna as your coach.
Marie Donovan, NLP Coach, Dublin

Brilliant! Anna is a highly skilled and very precise coach. Her use of language and humour makes it really easy for her to connect with clients and together produce marvelous changes.

The best feedback we have is the smiles and laughter of the children we work with.
Michael Doyle, NLP Coach, Port Laoise


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